Our Program


Program Overview

The Hope Recovery Manor Inc. and its two-year program is an answer to help women begin to learn how to live clean and sober after going through recovery. During their first year, up to 12 women will reside at the Manor, a beautiful historic home at 1016 Market Street. They will be supervised 24/7 by an Executive Director, House Manager and peer support staff. The holistic program will provide healthy living experiences, teaching, counseling, employment assistance, spiritual encouragement and much more. After living in the Manor for one year, residents will transition to independent living.

From the program fees they will have paid, they will receive $1,000 to help them with initial costs. The plan of the program is to establish them into a stable living environment with a sustainable job as they continue to receive counseling and mentoring through the Hope Recovery Manor Program.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our program, please keep checking back for more information on our referral criteria and process, which is currently in development. (Basic criteria will include but not be limited to: Over 18 years of age, six-months of sobriety, and must be referred)

sober living for women in parkersburg wv
sober living for women in parkersburg wv

Program Founding

Spearheaded by the Junior League of Parkersburg, a Board of Directors made up of knowledgeable and caring community leaders, was formed. The group has been meeting since October 2018 and has:

  • Applied for a 501(c)3 non-profit tax exemption

  • Formulated a plan of action

  • Located and furnished a building ready to house the program

  • Written grants for a one-year residential program to help women maintain sobriety

The Need

The Junior League knows that for many people a short-term substance abuse rehabilitation treatment is not enough. There are too many documented cases where relapse occurs after six months of sobriety as people struggle to learn to live independently. Mastering a job, managing finances and developing healthy relationships are challenges that sometimes send them back to use drugs again. This is especially difficult for women.

We believe it takes time and ongoing support to learn healthy ways of living without drugs. The Hope Recovery Manor Program is a 12-month residential program designed to increase women’s self-esteem and teach them the skills to live and work well. Having the confidence they can attain their goals and believe in themselves because they can see their successes, helps ensure their choice of living without drugs becomes a life-long choice.

To that end, the residences are furnished attractively with each woman having her own bedroom. The residence will be staffed 24/7. The women will learn to shop on a budget and learn how to prepare healthy food together. They will learn to work in community and hold each other accountable. Random drug testing is also a part of the program.

The 12 women will also have a mentor assigned for two years to support them during their residency and continue for the next year of independent living. Within the first month, they will have a professional hairstylist appointment and pedicure and manicure. Each one will also meet with a counselor/consultant to prepare for sustained employment. A pastor will come each week to share individually or with the group how God loves them and desires a relationship with them — if they choose to participate. They will be encouraged to join a faith community of their choice.

Besides working women will be required to attend four 12 – Step recovery meetings and life-skill classes each week. These will include:

  • Weekly individual counseling

  • Weekly group counseling

  • Yoga

  • Parenting and relationship classes

  • Money management and budgeting

  • Meal preparation and shopping

  • Job/work skills

Art and music experiences will also be part of their life experiences. The Art Center and the Parkersburg Actor’s Guild are just three blocks away and have agreed to help.

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”